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Frequently Asked Questions (aka Library)

On The State of the Church

Understand what is happening and why.  The following is calibrated to The United Methodist Church, but its relevance is readily translatable to other mainline protestant denominations.

To put it simply, The United Methodist Church is in decline, mostly in the United States of America, because its version of a life of faith in Jesus Christ does not fit into the everyday life of a typical person in the United States.

Following Clayton Christensen’s theory of three innovations, The United Methodist Church must 1) do the same things more efficiently, 2) come up with better versions of church, and 3) invent wholly new versions of a life of faith.

Typically, denominations develop leadership excellence via training or education programs like coaching.  These efforts will ultimately prove to be ineffective as the results of which depend on an infinite amount of time.  In the future ministry environment, time will not allow for waiting or learning.

In general, the value of executive church leadership in today’s ministry environment is that of authority.  In other words, someone must “hold the line” in terms of the strategy.  That now falls on the shoulders of the church’s “chief executive.”

more coming soon…